Who We Are

We are a core team of approximately 50 people based in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Montana, with additional offices across the West. Each year, we work closely with hundreds of grantee organizations and consultants.

The broad and deep experience, expertise, and connections of our team, integrated with comprehensive grant making capacity, consistently deliver significant and durable results. RLF leaders and staff mastered environmental policy making, law, lobbying, and on-the-ground resource protection before joining the organization. We do not shy from complexity. We oversee expert consultants with a practitioner’s eye.


Michael Mantell
Matt Armsby
Vice President
Rosina Bugarin
Chief Financial Officer
Helena Choi
Vice President
Julie Martin
Vice President

Program Staff

Ben Alexander
Senior Program Advisor
Marie Armstrong
Donor Services Program Coordinator
Corey Brown
Program Officer/Attorney
Pamela Chambers
Executive Assistant
Wendy Chenkovich
Program Coordinator
Felecia Coles
Director of Human Resources
Chloé Cooper
Program Coordinator
Michelle Cruz
Donor Services Program Manager
Gaea Dennis
Finance Manager
Kaitilin Gaffney
Director/Attorney, Ocean, Coast, and Fisheries
Alfredo Gonzalez
Director, Southern California
Jocelyn Garovoy Herbert
Program Officer/Attorney
Lisbeth Jakobsen
Director of Donor Services
Steve Kallick
Senior Strategist/Attorney, International Conservation
Mark Kleinman
Communications Officer
Letise LaFeir
Director of Federal Policy
Sarah Liebman
Program Coordinator
Deborah Frey Love
Director, Intermountain West
Karina Lozano
Program Coordinator
Lana Lucas
Program Finance Manager
Ingrid Mayer
Donor Services Finance Analyst
Isaac McCovey
Peggy McNutt
Program Officer
Stacey Olson
Program Coordinator/Legal Assistant
Jessica Osegueda
Human Resources and Payroll Specialist
Liz Parissenti
Program Manager
Annie Peletta
Operations Manager
Shiva Polefka
Program Officer
Jenn Sanderson
Executive Assistant
Cressida Sasse
Human Resources Manager
Michael Scott
Senior Policy Advisor
Shara Sparks
Program Manager
Laura Tam
Program Officer
Miriam Torres
Program Manager
Julie Turrini
Director/Attorney, Lands, Rivers, and Communities
Rebecca Valdez
Program Coordinator
Marietha Waller
Stephanie Wolfe
Accounts Payable Specialist
Niki Woodard
Communications Officer

Key Consultants

Sybil Ackerman-Munson
Ed Hastey
(In Memoriam)
Steven Malloch
Michael Weber

Board Members

Barton H Thompson Jr
Jeanne Sedgwick
Vice Chair
Lise Aangeenbrug
Edward W Barnholt
Steven Gaines
Patsy Ishiyama
Katharine Jacobs
Charlene Kabcenell
Martha Kongsgaard
Michael Mantell
Randall Martinez
Craig McNamara
Mark Wan