Where We Work

Our work takes us to amazing places. From the Western United States across the world.

40 Fisheries Around the World

For more than 15 years, in coordination with Packard and other foundations, RLF has supported the participation of small-scale fisheries in the Marine Stewardship Council certification process. RLF has helped more than 40 fisheries worldwide achieve certification, including the Ashtamundi clam fishery of India and the golden redfish fishery of Iceland. RLF also works with its foundation partners to support fisheries working to achieve certification under Fair Trade’s new capture fishery standard, which takes into account not just ecological sustainability but worker conditions and social benefits. In coordination with fisheries experts, we design and regularly update the program criteria to keep pace with the changing landscape of sustainable seafood.


In Canada, we support the International Boreal Conservation Campaign, which aims to protect at least one billion acres of intact forest by the end of 2022 in partnership with Indigenous peoples. The effort will yield tremendous social benefits that include biological diversity, carbon sequestration, clean water and air, healthy communities, and revenues from sustainable economic activity.


In Argentina, RLF is helping to create new marine protected areas and national parks, including the 265,000-acre La Traslasierra National Park and National Reserve.

Northwest Mexico

In northwest Mexico, RLF has worked more than a decade on behalf of several donors to build the expertise and capacity of local conservation groups and preserve nearly 1,000 square miles of coastal habitat that includes Laguna San Ignacio, one of only two undeveloped Pacific gray whale breeding and calving sanctuaries.