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Tomorrow’s Solutions Will be Found Where Issues Intersect

The lessons of 2020 are harsh and profound: science and leadership matter, resilient natural systems are essential to our health and security, and we have a long way to go on racial equity. As much as we all wish for 2021 to usher in a new era of hope and positive change, the work to achieve that reality is up to us.  The last nine months have made clear that we need to think about and solve our problems in different ways. If we are to ensure a just and resilient future in which people and nature thrive, we must…

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Environmental Progress Tied to Healthy Democracy

The world is changing. Not only is our climate changing—introducing new challenges to our environment and communities—but our technology, politics, society, and economies are changing. These changes are happening more rapidly and radically than ever. Sea level rise, species extinctions, autocratic governments, income inequality, gun violence, and wildfire destruction are all on the rise. These issues go hand in hand, and any meaningful progress requires a high-functioning democracy built on trust, respect for established governing principles, and high voter participation.   At a time of such immense political and social upheaval in the United States, RLF’s partner organizations—Fund for a…


In Adapting to Climate Threats, Philanthropy Can Help Reinvent U.S. Politics

In a commentary published by Inside Philanthropy, RLF Vice President Peter Teague makes the case that coping with climate change, community by community, offers an antidote to divisive politics. Philanthropy is uniquely positioned to cut through the ideological noise to help communities prepare for higher sea levels, more intense heat waves, deeper droughts, and other effects of a changing climate. The December 2018 article is here.