Our Team

We are based in California, Montana, Hawai’i, and Washington, DC, with additional staff who work on fiscally sponsored projects that span the globe.

Our team has expertise in environmental policymaking, law, campaigns, constituency building, finance and administration, and on-the-ground project implementation. We strive for excellence, prioritizing creativity and high standards of quality in everything we do, with a reputation for consistently delivering significant and enduring results.

Our board of directors consists of 15 distinguished leaders who bring a wealth of experience and diverse perspective to the strategic direction and financial health of the organization.


Avi Garbow
Matt Armsby
Vice President and General Counsel
Rosina Bugarin
Chief Financial Officer
Helena Choi
Vice President and Chief of Staff
Allen May
Chief Development Officer

Program Staff

Marie Armstrong
Senior Program Coordinator
Alessandra Dias Barboza
Program Coordinator
Briana Bergstrom
Program Manager
Corey Brown
Senior Advisor
Pamela Chambers
Senior Executive Assistant
Wendy Chenkovich
Senior Program Coordinator
Felecia Coles
Director of Human Resources
Chloé Cooper
Program Coordinator
Emily Cousins
Communications Officer
Michelle Cruz
Program Manager
Andrea Sanchez Davidson
Program Manager
Patricia Davis
Deputy General Counsel
Anastasia Finney
Program Coordinator
Kaitilin Gaffney
Director, Ocean, Coast, and Fisheries
Jaymee Go
Policy Officer
Alfredo Gonzalez
Director, Southern California
Mara Guccione
Deputy Director of Fiscal Sponsorships
Maura Hackett
Director of Operations
Rachel Hamilton
Executive Assistant
Christi Hanson
Accounting Specialist
Jocelyn Garovoy Herbert
Senior Program Officer
Janessa Hollmaier
Program Coordinator
Lisbeth Jakobsen
Director, Fiscal Sponsorships
Steve Kallick
Director, International Conservation and Human Rights
Mark Kleinman
Senior Communications Officer
Janine Knapp
Program Manager
Jennee Kuang
Program Officer
Elveena Kumar
Payroll and Benefits Manager
Sarah Liebman
Senior Program Coordinator
Denny Lor
Deborah Frey Love
Director, Intermountain West
Bailey Lowenhaupt
Finance Manager
Karina Lozano
Board Liaison
Kait Maissen
Human Resources Coordinator
Peggy McNutt
Senior Program Officer
Lauren Mangino
Senior Finance Manager
Lexus Morrow
Program Coordinator
Rocio Nieves
Program Coordinator
Stacey Olson
Program Manager
Jessica Osegueda
Human Resources and Payroll Specialist
Liz Parissenti
Program Officer
Dan Partin
Program Manager
Annie Peletta
Senior Operations Manager
Shiva Polefka
Program Officer
Ingrid Sanders
Program Manager
Cressida Sasse
Senior Human Resources Manager
Michael Scott
Director, International Conservation and Public Lands
Shara Sparks
Program Officer
Laura Tam
Program Officer
Julie Turrini
Director, Lands, Rivers, and Communities
Rebecca Valdez
Senior Program Coordinator
Marietha Waller
Office Administrator
Michelle Warren
Program Manager
Amanda Witteman
Program Coordinator
Stephanie Wolfe
Accounting Specialist
Niki Woodard
Senior Communications Officer

Board Members

Barton H Thompson Jr
Jeanne Sedgwick
Vice Chair
Lise Aangeenbrug
Steven Gaines
Avi Garbow
Chet Hewitt
Patsy Ishiyama
Katharine Jacobs
Brett Johnson
Charlene Kabcenell
Martha Kongsgaard
Randall Martinez
Luseni (Lou) Pieh
Kevin Washburn