Our Cause & Values

We believe strategic philanthropy, thoughtful partnerships, and equitable program and project design are essential to accelerating change on the urgent environmental and social challenges we face.

To secure a just and resilient world for people and nature, Resources Legacy Fund builds alliances that advance bold solutions.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with leaders in philanthropy, communities, government, science, and business to promote smart policies and secure equitable public funding for the environment, climate change resilience, and healthy communities. Across the American West and internationally, we manage large, multi-year grantmaking programs and fiscally sponsor projects that accelerate change on the environmental and equity goals we share with our partners.

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Our Values Guide Our Work

RLF strives to exemplify the following values and characteristics in our daily work:

  • Collaboration – We believe the key to achieving meaningful environmental results and a productive workplace is rooted in humanity—our ability to build effective relationships, listen deeply, respect different perspectives, and elevate new leaders.
  • Equity – We value the insight, energy, and innovation of inclusive decision making. Our work seeks to elevate voices and build power within underrepresented communities to help advance a just and equitable future in which leadership reflects the diversity of the world we live in.
  • Integrity – We are dedicated to our cause, genuine in our approach, and strive to cultivate a foundation of trust within our organization and with our partners. We believe humility and commitment to ongoing learning keeps us effective in our work.
  • Creativity – We embrace a thoughtful, entrepreneurial spirit, seeking innovative ways to solve problems new and old. We are willing to take risks that the times and issues require to achieve lasting results.
  • Excellence – We aspire to high standards of quality in everything we do—from internal operations to strategic program implementation. We are attentive to detail and persevere to deliver results on goals we share with funders, partners, and colleagues.

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