Resources Legacy Fund works to secure a just and resilient world for people and nature by building alliances that mobilize influence, knowledge, and expertise. Connecting philanthropic funding with organizations advancing environmental outcomes, equity, and justice is the keystone of our work. 

RLF’s grantmaking seeks to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by directing funds to those who have been marginalized and to build long-term capacity within their communities. We believe that the most effective alliances represent diverse experience and perspectives, and that the most meaningful and lasting outcomes are often co-created with those typically underrepresented in decision making. With our funding partners, we seek to change how environmental solutions are understood, developed, and implemented. Learn more about our grantmaking approach

As a general rule, RLF reaches out to potential new grantees and partners to help develop and implement program strategies. But we appreciate opportunities to hear new ideas and meet potential partners, even if it’s only for future consideration. We invite you to explore our program areas and website. If your work aligns with ours, we welcome a conversation.