Fiscal Sponsorships

RLF partners with donors and project leads to quickly and cost-effectively launch high-impact initiatives that lack 501(c)(3) status. We support and incubate projects that accelerate change and advance enduring outcomes in natural resource conservation, climate change adaptation, public health, social equity, and education.

Our fiscal sponsorship services allow social change leaders to focus their time and talent on creative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, while entrusting fiduciary oversight and back-office operations to us. Our team of nonprofit management experts provides the financial systems, compliance, legal counsel, human resources support, and operations expertise required to effectively launch high-profile projects. We take care of the logistics with professional, personalized attention so that you can focus on the causes that drive your charitable mission. When additional support is needed in program design and start-up, we also can provide guidance on program development to accelerate and incubate high-impact solutions.

Every project is unique. We help identify the best strategy to accomplish our partners’ goals, assessing the wide array of tools and resources available. We don’t shy away from complexity, and we can move as quickly as the urgency of the moment demands. In addition to the talent and efficiency that our fiscal sponsorship team provides, our program team offers strategic and on-the-ground experience, expertise, and connections that consistently deliver significant results.

We believe that strategic philanthropy and thoughtful partnerships can advance meaningful outcomes that help us build a healthy, just, and resilient world in which people and nature are valued and connected. We look forward to working with you to drive change.

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