Resources Legacy Fund donor-partners include foundations, philanthropic individuals, and public agencies. To achieve their goals, we work with a diverse array of scientists and planners, nonprofit organizations, policy makers, legal experts, business interests, leaders and members of diverse communities, and others. The voices of RLF partners convey the strengths we apply to every donor’s goals. Stories of our shared successes exemplify the conservation results these collaborative efforts have made possible.

  • “In the realm of philanthropy aimed at lasting conservation, RLF knows the political systems and policies as well as critical conservation needs and opportunities. They expertly bring these together to put specific campaigns on the table and get big things accomplished. It’s a rarity to find a team of people with such unique capacity.”

    Carol S. Larson
    President and Chief Executive Officer, David and Lucile Packard Foundation

    “RLF is very smart, dedicated, and environmentally connected. When you are working on an issue with broad scale—in my case, it is water—RLF is the place to go.”

    Robert Fisher
    Trustee, Pisces Foundation

    “RLF was a catalyst for the Department of the Interior’s rules on solar energy development in the West. They had credibility with everyone: environmentalists, renewable energy developers, the utilities, as well as the government. RLF was able to bring them all together and help them get to a consensus that contributed directly—and significantly—to these rules that will guide this country’s renewable energy development for years to come.”

    David J. Hayes
    Former Deputy Secretary of the Interior

    “RLF has helped build the effectiveness of Latino leaders on conservation issues that impact urban communities. RLF understands the demographic changes that are reshaping California and is investing in leaders and constituencies that reflect the new California, as well as commitment to the environment.”

    Antonio Gonzalez
    President, William C. Velasquez Institute

  • “They understand how science can and should shape policy. RLF has the ability to see opportunities to bring science to bear on policy, to support the best science, and to use it to drive the best decisions.”

    Jane Lubchenco
    Former Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    President, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

    “RLF gets how government works and how to use experts to shape policies. They know how to marshal resources—public and private—to get important things done that have a real impact on the environment and the quality of people’s lives.”

    Mary Nichols
    Chair, California Air Resources Board

    Former Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    “RLF took the time to understand what we wanted to do, the sort of legacy we wanted to create. They were not just looking for us to sign a check. They brought together the key players, helped develop our vision and implemented it thoughtfully and creatively, and forged an approach that led to a great outcome for everyone. We were able to build something meaningful that will impact the California coast for years to come.”

    Steve Blank

    Board Chair, Conservation Lands Foundation

    “RLF is a seasoned conservation brain trust and results-oriented actor. It offers perceptive insights into the inner workings of government, the nonprofit sector, and the business community. Among foundations and individuals looking to advance their own conservation agendas, they are trusted advisors and successful interveners. They know what they’re doing, and they get things done.”

    Steve McCormick
    Former President, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

    Executive Director, Marisla Foundation

  • Tupper Ansel Blake