Unique Approach

RLF helps donor-partners define prioritized outcomes, design initiatives, and implement those initiatives. Its approach is unique, from strategic design to action:

  • RLF designs proactive solutions for complex issues, deeply informed by how government works, as well as by science, data, and analytics, and what is necessary for policies to succeed among diverse and often divergent interests. RLF also has the ability to develop and deploy strategies and resources quickly when necessary.
  • RLF pools and directs funds from both philanthropy and the public sector to create conservation impacts much greater than any single donor or funding source can achieve alone, providing high return on donors’ investments.
  • As a donor-centric nonprofit, RLF works with its philanthropic partners to craft cutting-edge solutions to conserving natural resources, improving environmental sustainability, and diversifying conservation leadership and capacity.
  • RLF draws on many sorts of expertise, taps critical relationships with key actors, engages and partners with agencies and other nonprofits, times actions strategically, and leverages funding and builds innovative coalitions to create long-term results.

In some cases, philanthropic partners underwrite entire programs or projects through their contributions; in others, they are joined by other contributors (private or public). RLF is particularly skilled in bringing additional funding into programs, pooling and administering those resources to achieve the goals of all contributors.