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Rogue River Watershed

More than 124 miles of the Rogue River are federally designated Wild and Scenic. Located in the southwest corner of Oregon, the Rogue River main stem is now free-flowing for more than 150 miles following the removals of Gold Hill Dam (2008), Savage Rapids Dam (2009), and Gold Ray Dam (2010). Despite this progress, hundreds of known barriers remain in the 3.3 million acre Rogue River Basin that inhibit fish passage and sediment transport, which in turn impact the long-term viability of the fisheries in the Basin, especially in the face of climate change. For that reason, fish passage barriers on Rogue River tributaries are a high priority for removal to benefit native spring and fall Chinook salmon, threatened coho salmon, winter and summer steelhead, cutthroat trout, and rainbow trout, among other native fishes. The Fund will support groups such as the Rogue Basin Partnership and the Rogue River Watershed Council to pursue a framework approach to river restoration that will focus on removal and modernization of up to 50 dams and river impediments over ten years. Fund support will enable groups to coordinate their efforts and advance planning, design, and implementation of removal, restoration, and infrastructure upgrade projects on priority tributaries to Rogue Basin.