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Ventura River Watershed—Matilija Dam

Built in 1947, the 168 foot high Matilija Dam is located in Ventura County, California, along Matilija Creek, a tributary to the Ventura River. With the reservoir behind the dam nearly full of sediment, the dam is no longer effectively serving its original purpose of water storage for agriculture. The condition of the dam is deteriorating, causing safety concerns for downstream communities. Removal of the dam will reestablish freshwater and sediment flows to help replenish “Surfer’s Point,” the sandy beach at the mouth of the Ventura River, restore steelhead access to upper Matilija Creek, and address pressing safety and liability concerns. Watershed level restoration activities and downstream infrastructure upgrades will enhance recreational opportunities for surrounding communities reconnecting with the river and coast via the Ventura River Parkway—a continuous network of parks, trails, and natural areas along 16 miles of the Ventura River.