• Robert Janover

Land-Sea Connection

The Land-Sea Connection program works toward healthier, better protected, and more resilient West Coast watersheds. The program targets land-based threats to water quality and marine resources and seeks to improve watershed management. Through the program, RLF prioritizes policy, planning, and building the capacity of groups working on these issues. The Land-Sea Connection program focuses on California watersheds, but given the right opportunity, also may provide support in Oregon and Washington.

Under the Land-Sea Connection program, RLF seeks to support projects that:

  • Develop and promote more effective state and regional pollution control and water quality policies and programs.
  • Reduce barriers to watershed conservation, such as inefficient permitting.
  • Promote partnerships that lead to on-the-ground pollution reduction measures.
  • Advance effective implementation of California’s marijuana legalization law and minimize the environmental harm of cannabis cultivation.
  • Buffer the nearshore marine environment from the harmful effects of desalination, aquaculture, and ocean acidification.
  • Enable organizations to compete for public funds for water quality improvement projects.
  • Secure new sources of public funding.
  • Advance multi-benefit watershed investments.