• P. McNutt

California Conservation Innovations

California Conservation Innovations—an RLF initiative with core funding from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and additional support from other foundations and individuals—is focused on improving conservation outcomes in California. CCI’s overarching goal is to strengthen conservation policies, increase long-term public funding for conservation, and engage younger and more ethnically diverse Californians in advancing CCI’s policy and funding goals in ways that increase conservation benefits to their communities. CCI’s bottom-line premise is that improving conservation policy and funding results by expanding the conservation constituency will transform decision making; yield policies, programs, and projects more pertinent to the needs of all Californians; and strengthen the overall conservation movement for generations to come.

RLF will achieve CCI’s overarching goal through three strategies: conservation policy, conservation funding, and conservation constituencies:

Conservation Policies
During 2015 and 2016, CCI will support implementation of the recommendations of the Parks Forward Commission, as well as key objectives of RLF’s Water Foundation and Drought Action Initiative. RLF is also exploring opportunities to advance state climate change adaption and resiliency policies and will monitor and engage strategically in sea level rise and energy development policy areas, adapting its engagement to changing needs and opportunities.

Conservation Funding
RLF will work to develop new, stable sources of conservation funding by identifying viable approaches at local, regional, and state levels, with the aim of ensuring that at least 40 percent of increased funding goes to support urban and disadvantaged communities.

Conservation Constituencies
Increasing the involvement of younger and more ethnically diverse populations in CCI’s conservation policy and funding issues will require a sustained effort. RLF will engage with younger and more ethnically diverse populations on important CCI policy and funding priorities statewide and in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and portions of the San Joaquin Valley.

The program’s timeframe is 2015-2020. RLF will work closely with the Packard Foundation on CCI implementation, learning, and monitoring.

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