Rivers and Watersheds

Since its inception, RLF has engaged on water and watershed issues in its efforts to drive significant outcomes for natural resources conservation. Those issues have involved watershed restoration, water science, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dam relicensing, water bonds and increased public funding for water, urban rivers and river parkways, water efficiency, and wild river protection. RLF continues to lead a decade-long effort to restore the San Francisco Baylands and, in 2014, RLF’s Water Foundation Initiative (now an independent entity) drove the effort to pass California’s historic legislation regulating s groundwater.

Active programs include:

Open Rivers Fund – Supports local community efforts to remove obsolete dams, modernize infrastructure, and restore rivers across the western United States. The Fund aims to create significant economic, community, and environmental benefits by undertaking projects with widespread community support and collaboration.

Land-Sea Connection – Seeks to advance the ecological resilience of California coastal and marine ecosystems in response to a wide range of threats, including the emerging impacts of climate change, by better integrating conservation efforts focusing on watersheds and targeting land-based threats to water quality and ocean health.