For the past decade, RLF has been a leader in marine conservation in California and various parts of the world. For eight years, RLF led a partnership with the State of California to develop an internationally recognized process that resulted in a statewide network of marine protected areas covering almost 17 percent of California waters, the only such network in the nation. It demonstrated RLF’s approach of applying a thoughtful mix of conservation science, policy strategy, and stakeholder engagement to on of the most complex natural resource management situations imaginable, while also creating important new tools for advancing ocean conservation. In addition, for almost a decade and a half, RLF has supported more than 180 fisheries in 35 countries in assessments and improvement projects, helping more than 30 important, developing fisheries achieve Marine Stewardship Council certification. RLF’s current efforts focus on advancing policy and on-the-ground outcomes on environmental justice, public access to the coast, and desalination; strengthening leadership and constituencies; and securing public funding for coastal priorities.

Active programs include:

Sustaining California’s Ocean – Builds on more than a decade of RLF achievements to cultivate a new approach to managing California’s coastal waters, with two overarching goals: to ensure effective implementation of Marine Life Protection Act through robust monitoring, collaborative stewardship, and adaptive management of the state’s marine protected area network; and to modernize California’s ocean governance by building capacity in the Ocean Protection Council and Ocean Science Trust and ensuring long-term public funding for ocean conservation priorities.

Sustainable Fisheries Fund – Promotes fishery and stakeholder participation internationally in the Marine Stewardship Council certification process primarily by providing targeted grants to improve fishing practices and support participation in the certification process.

California Fisheries Improvement Strategy – Works to enable important California state managed fisheries to meet global standards for sustainability and good management by 2024.

California Coastal Program – Seeks to support and strengthen the governance, protection, and conservation of California’s coastal zone and state waters.