Donor Services

In 2016 RLF began taking on a range of projects as a service to funders who want to support projects or organizations that do not have tax exempt (501(c)3) status under the IRS. For these critically important, often urgent projects, RLF is focused more on grants and contracts management and administration, human resources, and overseeing financial processes and reporting.

Current projects include:

  • Center for Western Priorities—Works to frame the public debate on and correct the record about land conservation and responsible energy development in the American West.
  • Western Conservation Project—Addresses land acquisition issues in the states of Montana and Washington.
  • Monument Fund—Supports place-based efforts to secure designations of new national monuments under the President’s Antiquities Act powers and defends against rollbacks in protections
  • Western Energy Project—Seeks to drive responsible energy practices on public lands, including preserving ecologically important areas and adopting protections for water, air, land, wildlife and recreation resources, via a high volume of sub-grants and contracts, and support for rapid response.
  • Heritage Outdoors Project—Works to ensure that existing environmental laws remain in force and that the dialogue around public lands protection consistently pivots toward the important values of these lands for all Americans and future generations and defends against rollbacks in protection of public lands
  • Environment, Health, and Community Fund—Supports protection of water, air, land, and wildlife resources; works to address climate change; and supports various efforts and groups working on education, public health, mental health, community engagement and healthy communities, arts, gun safety, and civil rights.
  • Decreasing Impacts from Roads and Travel—Seeks to shrink the motorized footprint, and establish long-term protection for important places.
  • Argentine Protected Areas—Identifies near-term opportunities to capitalize on Argentinian support for protected areas, including developing campaigns to gain permanent protection for key areas by supporting work on three existing campaigns.
  • Bears Ears National Monument Community Engagement Fund—Seeks to support robust community and tribal involvement with and promote sustainable use and enjoyment of the newly designated Bears Ears National Monument.
  • Western Conservation Values—Supports efforts to leverage popular support in the West, focusing initially on Montana, for public lands and waters, rural development, and the clean energy and recreation economy, as well as to mitigate attacks on public lands.